FP Verbatim 5 Income

About this fund

Fund Aim

The Fund will use a broadly cautious balanced investment strategy with the aim of achieving income with some potential for capital growth over the medium to longer term.

Investment Approach

Verbatim Portfolio 5 Income Fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of global equity shares and will also gain exposure to the UK Corporate Bond sector through investment in a unitised vehicle. The equity part of the portfolio will have a bias towards stocks generating a high and sustainable income with the aim of achieving a total return over the medium to longer term. As this is an income based fund, the asset allocation will vary to yield the best risk adjusted income. However, this will operate to a risk rating of 5 with a target volatility of 11.00%.

Top 10 Holdings

Sarasin Global Higher Dividend Fund Sterling Hedge 18.55%
Sarasin Global Higher Dividend Fund I Inc 9.90%
Sterling 2.14%
CME Group Inc 2.01%
Schroder Oriental Income Fund  1.86%
Royal Dutch Shell Plc - B Shs 1.80%
National Grid Plc 1.44%
Investor AB-B SHS (SS) 1.33%
ING Group N.V.  1.24%
Swedebank AB 1.23%

All data as at 29th March 2018 unless otherwise stated.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Global Equity 60%
UK Cash (GBP) 0%
UK Corporate Bonds 40%
UK Index Linked Bonds 0%
UK Index Linked Gilts 0%
International Bonds 0%
UK Gilts 0%
Global High Yield Bonds 0%
UK Equity 0%
Europe Ex UK Equity 0%
North American Equity 0%
Japanese Equity 0%
Pacific Ex Japan 0%
Emerging Markets 0%
UK Property 0%
Other 0%


The graphs below show potential returns at 5%, 50 % and 95% for the given risk profiles against the actual corresponding Verbatim fund performance since launch.

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