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Verbatim Asset Management was launched ten years ago with one simple philosophy: to consistently meet your and your clients’ expectations.

A decade later, we can proudly state that we have not only met this objective but continue to exceed it. We are proud to celebrate a decade dedicated to perfecting the art of investing. As a specialist in multi-asset investment portfolios, we have spent the past ten years refining our skills, to design and deliver exceptional multi-asset investment solutions that are fine-tuned for consistent performance.

We offer a range of risk-managed multi-asset and multi-index portfolio funds and managed model portfolios each with a clear mandate to deliver against a proven asset allocation, based on a set risk profile.

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Sector review: US equities in 2021 – Biden bounce or priced-to-perfection growth stocks and impeachment?

The US has dominated the start of 2021, with the explosive final days in office for the 45th President culminating in the Capitol riots, and then Joe Biden peacefully inaugurated as number 46.

Progress in the creation of the perfectly sustainable world

Due to the pandemic and the enforced closure of showrooms hitting demand, car sales in the UK slumped by almost 30% last year.

Quarter 4 Review

As obvious a line as it might be, it is difficult to resist the attraction of ‘vaccine news provides a shot in the arm for markets’ as a succinct review of Q4, offering much-needed hope of a better 2021.


  • 19 January 2021
    Verbatim Quarterly Report Q4 2020