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Since our launch in 2010, Verbatim Asset Management has had one simple philosophy: to consistently meet your and your clients’ expectations.

We deliver on this promise through providing a series of risk-managed, multi-asset investment solutions, each with a clear mandate to deliver against a proven asset allocation, based on a set risk profile. We o­ffer a range of active and multi-index portfolio funds, managed model portfolios and a unique discretionary management service.

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The perils of market timing

One of the clearest lessons from history is that trying to time moves in and out of markets to catch the peaks and troughs rarely works – and yet so many investors still try to beat the odds.

China's green electricity revolution

China’s going to need a lot more electricity. The good news is that this boosts the renewables sector and other potentially fast growing opportunities. The bad news is that Chinese companies remain hard to invest in, chiefly because they fail to achieve levels of governance we would find acceptable.

The Importance of Independence

The biggest investment story of the second quarter of 2019 is one of failure.  Once again investors have been dealt a blow by a small group of individuals operating in the financial services industry who have forgotten the fundamental function of their profession. Customer service. 


  • 18 September 2019
    Performance Excellence