‘Winner of Best Small Asset Class over 3 years - Refinitiv Lipper Fund Award 2020’

Specialists in multi-asset investment portfolios

Verbatim Asset Management was launched ten years ago with one simple philosophy: to consistently meet your and your clients’ expectations.

A decade later, we can proudly state that we have not only met this objective but continue to exceed it. We are proud to celebrate a decade dedicated to perfecting the art of investing. As a specialist in multi-asset investment portfolios, we have spent the past ten years refining our skills, to design and deliver exceptional multi-asset investment solutions that are fine-tuned for consistent performance.

We offer a range of risk-managed multi-asset and multi-index portfolio funds and managed model portfolios each with a clear mandate to deliver against a proven asset allocation, based on a set risk profile.

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A great reset for Multi-Asset?

More than £22 billion is currently languishing in consistently underperforming multi-asset funds according to a recent report from Asset Intelligence, with the consultant calling for a ‘great reset’ in this sector. 

The great debate: economic recovery, freedom & well-being

Freedom Day has finally arrived, but what exactly does this mean for businesses and the general population? 

Business Update: Strategic Asset Allocations June 2021

The SimplyBiz Investment Services Investment Committee recently updated the Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) that sits within Centra, SimplyBiz’s end-to-end financial planning tool.


  • 19 January 2021
    Verbatim Quarterly Report Q4 2020