HC Verbatim Portfolio 7 Fund

About this fund

Fund Aim

The Fund will use a broadly growth investment strategy with the aim of achieving capital growth over the medium to longer term.

Investment Approach

To combine a strategic overlay with careful fund and security selection to deliver capital growth over the medium to longer term.

Top 10 Holdings

JPM US Equity Income-C-Acc 10.10%
UBS US Growth Fund-C Acc 8.04%
Liontrust European Income Fund 7.23%
Liontrust Global Funds PLC - Asia Income Fund 5.15%
First State Global EM Leaders - B- AGBP


Schroder AsiaPacific Fund Plc 4.43%
Fidelity Investment Funds ICVC - Index US 3.70%
Fidelity Investment Fund ICVC - UK-PA 3.48%
Fidelity Investment Funds - Index Pac XJP -P Acc 3.42%

All data as at 31st July 2019 unless otherwise stated.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Global Equity 0%
Cash 6%
UK Index Linked Bonds 0%
UK Government Bonds 0%
UK Corporate Bonds 6%
Global (ex-UK) Fixed Income 4%
Property 10%
UK Equity 13%
Europe (ex-UK) Equity 8%
North American Equity 23%
Developed Pacific (ex-Japan) Equity 12%
Japan Equity 6%
Emerging Markets Equity 12%
UK Property 0%
Other 0%

Strategic Asset Allocation shown above is valid from 17 June 2019