Thematic investing,
sustainable results.

WS Verbatim Portfolio 5 Income Fund

Our income fund is a multi-asset unfettered fund that aims to deliver a 3.75%* target annual yield, whilst achieving some capital growth.

Our fund managers utilise a combination of global direct equities and fixed income to meet the target yield. As part of the investment selection process, the fund managers screen the global equity markets with a thematic investment approach in order to identify stocks that will produce sustainable long-term dividend income. Mark Van Moorsel and Henning Meyer of Sarasin and Partners are the appointed managers to run the WS Verbatim Portfolio 5 Income Fund.

*For further information on how your client’s income levels may be affected during the current economic climate please click here

About the Managers

Find out more about Mark Van Moorsel and Henning Meyer from Sarasin and Partners LLP.

WS Verbatim Portfolio 5 Income Fund

A multi-asset fund targeting a 3.75% yield within a clear volatility mandate.

Useful Documents

In this section you will find the simplified prospectus and latest financial report relating to the WS Verbatim Portfolio 5 Income Fund.