Business Update: Fund Name Change

22 March 2021

The Authorised Corporate Director for the Verbatim portfolios, DMS Governance, has undergone a business update and is now named Waystone Capital. As such, the fund names of the Verbatim range of Multi-Asset and Multi-Index portfolios have been updated to reflect the new name of our ACD. This update will be effective from 22nd March 2021.

Has Verbatim changed its ACD?

No, our ACD remains the same.

Will the name change affect you and your clients?

No, the Verbatim fund names will be automatically updated, and the funds will remain available to access via a wide range of retail platforms.

Will the Verbatim investment strategy or fund managers change?

No, the funds will continue to be risk-managed by our existing appointed fund managers. Our Independent Investment Committee will continue to oversee and monitor the Verbatim portfolios to ensure their ongoing suitability.

How will this update impact locating and searching for the Verbatim funds?

When searching for the Verbatim funds on various platforms or research tools, you may need to include in your search criteria the keyword ‘WS’ in addition to ‘Verbatim’. Many systems run on sophisticated search functionality; however, additional search criteria may be required.

How will the fund names change?

Effective from the 22nd March 2021, our portfolio names will be updated to the following:

Current Fund Name

New Fund Name

DMS Verbatim Portfolio 3 Growth Fund

WS Verbatim Portfolio 3 Growth Fund

DMS Verbatim Portfolio 4 Growth Fund

WS Verbatim Portfolio 4 Growth Fund

DMS Verbatim Portfolio 5 Growth Fund

WS Verbatim Portfolio 5 Growth Fund

DMS Verbatim Portfolio 5 Income Fund

WS Verbatim Portfolio 5 Income Fund

DMS Verbatim Portfolio 6 Growth Fund

WS Verbatim Portfolio 6 Growth Fund

DMS Verbatim Portfolio 7 Growth Fund

WS Verbatim Portfolio 7 Growth Fund

DMS Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 3 Fund

WS Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 3 Fund

DMS Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 4 Fund

WS Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 4 Fund

DMS Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 5 Fund

WS Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 5 Fund

DMS Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 6 Fund

WS Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 6 Fund


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