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17 July 2018
Embracing the MiFID II Storm

When the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) hit the UK financial services industry earlier this year, it brought a whole raft of multiple regulatory implications to the financial planning landscape. 

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16 July 2018
The Return of Volatility

This year we have been saying that market volatility is set to return to normal levels. That mantra is still in place, especially in the light of recent political developments.

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13 July 2018
The Beautiful Game – Tactics for Successful Fund Management

France’s 4-2 win over Croatia in Sunday’s World Cup Final has left us to reflect on another tournament of what ifs for England. If anyone doubts the reach of the events of the past month, 26.5 million of us in the UK saw England’s semi-final heartbreak against Croatia.

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12 July 2018
Verbatim joins panel discussion on The Advice Show

Watch Sheldon MacDonald, the co-fund manager for the HC Verbatim Multi-Index funds join a panel discussion of global trends, emerging markets, Trump-enomics and how the UK economy is - gradually - regaining popularity!

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28 June 2018
Verbatim Fund Manager confirmed for The Advice Show

Verbatim is happy to announce that Sheldon Macdonald, the co-fund manager for the HC Verbatim Multi-Index funds will join leading names from the world of investments on The Advice Show live on the 02nd July 2018.

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12 June 2018
Has the Eurozone growth peaked?

Last year the Euro area grew by 2.5%, and is now just over 6% above its pre-crisis peak. But is this as positive as it sounds? Recent data may indicate that we should expect a notable slowdown in the growth momentum

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12 June 2018
The Benefits of Fettered vs Unfettered Funds

The conversation around fettered versus unfettered funds sees many pros and cons in each corner – but which solution is the best fit for your investment proposition?

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12 June 2018
QE & QT: Should we expect quantitative tightening measures for 2018?

Post the world finance crisis, central banks around the world have cut interest rates and boosted their quantitative easing (QE) programmes to historic levels.

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12 June 2018
Understanding Volatility: Bear Market or a Market Correction?

After a bull market stretching back as far as 2009, recent dips in equities have understandably made many investors wary of it coming to an end.

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17 April 2018
The Investment Special

If you missed the live broadcast of The Advice Show no need to worry! You can catch up on all of the latest industry trends and news here. Watch members of the Verbatim Asset Management Investment Committee provide a unique insight into the role they play and what goes into setting the governance and oversight of the Verbatim Investment Solutions.

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