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Altium Investment Management advises funds and other professional investors with an analytical approach to investment construction. It combines external asset allocation with internal index construction to deliver unique solutions that are tailored to the client. Altium specialises in risk-targeted and single strategy factor indices, which can be traded independently, or licenced to listed instruments and funds. Some strategies are proprietary, and some are on behalf of other investors.

Altium works with global actuarial firms and investment banks to optimise strategy returns and portfolio efficiency. In the last decade it has been directly involved in the design and management of over £5bn in asset allocation models, 7 different fund families and 4 risk-rated indices.

Altium Investment Management Limited is an Authorised Representative of RSMR Portfolio Services Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, reference number 788854.

Ronan Kearney

Ronan Kearney

Investment Manager

Ronan has been a member of multi-asset investment committees since 2004, providing expert asset allocation expertise for thousands of investors. Ronan founded Indexx Markets (an independent index design firm) in 2011 and sold it in 2015 to AJ Bell Ltd. Ronan is responsible for monitoring the index and its constituent elements. He is a co-founder of Altium Investment Management, a specialist in investment indices and factor investing.