HC Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 4 Fund

About this fund

Fund Aim

The Fund will use a broadly cautious managed investment strategy with the aim of achieving capital growth over the longer term.

Investment Approach

A thorough and robust screening process aims to ensure that all the investments in the funds meet the ‘low cost, safe and suitable’ requirements determined by the investment team.

The investment team focuses on reducing costs to boost returns and ensuring the risks in the funds are understood and that long term objectives are met. The investment style is mildly contrarian believing that markets, on occasion,
become overheated and over-sold.

Top 10 Holdings

BCIF North America Eqy Tr LA 15.72%
Vanguard Inv Series PLC - Global Bond Index Fund 15.31%
JPM Liq-Sterl Liquidity W- ACC 9.43%
BCIF-Corp Bond Tracker-L Acc Fund 7.30%
Vanguard UK ShortTerm Invest Grade Bond Index Fund 7.19%
Vanguard FTSE UK All Share Index Unit Trust 7.11%
BCIF UK Equity Tracker L Acc 7.02%
BCIF-Pacific EX-Japan TR-DA Fund 3.84%
BCIF-Japan Equity Tracker-DA Fund 3.43%

All data as at 29th March 2019 unless otherwise stated.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Global Equity 0%
Cash 10%
UK Index Linked Bonds 0%
UK Government Bonds 6%
UK Corporate Bonds 16%
Global (ex-UK) Fixed Income 14%
Global Property 12%
UK Equity 16%
Europe (ex-UK) Equity 4%
North American Equity 15%
Developed Pacific (ex-Japan) Equity 4%
Japan Equity 3%
Emerging Markets Equity 0%
UK Property 0%
Other 0%

Strategic Asset Allocation shown above is valid from 12 November 2018