Our Philosophy

At Verbatim Asset Management, our philosophy is simple - to consistently meet your clients' expectations.

We deliver this through a series of risk-managed, multi-asset Investment Solutions, each with a clear mandate to deliver against a proven asset allocation, based on a set risk profile.

We offer a range of active and passive portfolio funds and managed model portfolios. Our Investment Solutions are overseen by our Independent Investment Committee, which brings with it a wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide governance, oversight and monitoring for all of our products. We’ve been doing this consistently from the very beginning.

Consistent Reassurance.

We select the industry’s top managers to run our funds to a strict mandate. Our Independent Investment Committee consistently monitors and assesses our funds according to its risk adjusted return and performance net of fees.

Performance Excellence.

Our performance track record highlights that our funds not only consistently deliver performance, but also show growth over time and in-line with their respective fund mandates.

Expertly Delivered.

At the heart of our proposition lies our Independent Investment Committee and industry-leading investment managers. Our Investment Committee plays an essential role in ensuring our investment philosophy is consistently implemented and maintained. Our fund managers are selected from the top investment professionals in the industry and provide an unparalleled wealth of experience to the management our funds.

Widely Accessible.

Our Investment Solutions are available across multiple platforms and cater for every investment requirement. All of our Investment Solutions provide the opportunity for financial advisers and their clients to benefit from the core values and expertise of Verbatim Asset Management.

Award Winning

The Refinitiv Lipper Fund Award Winners were recently announced, and we are delighted that Verbatim was chosen as the winner of Best Small Asset Class over 3 years.

Our Story

Find out more about who we are and where we started.