About the Investment Committee

The Verbatim Asset Management Investment Solutions are designed to meet clients’ expectations of risk and performance. We select leading fund managers from across the investment management industry to manage our Investment Solutions. As part of our commitment to ensure our managers deliver for both advisers and their clients, we employ a team of independent experts to scrutinise every aspect of our Investment Solutions - The Verbatim Independent Investment Committee.

All managers of our active and passive funds and Model Portfolios have been hired by the Investment Committee on the strength that they can deliver returns against each proven mandate. Implementing the same ethos and philosophy across all of these solutions ensures each manager is in-line with our expectations.

The Investment Committee meets regularly to perform reviews on the Verbatim Investment Solutions to verify that they continue to adhere to their aims and objectives. The committee is consulted regarding all potential changes to our Investment Solutions, ensuring a full, independent and expert assessment is carried out. Should a fund manager not operate within the parameters of the mandate or meet performance expectations, the Investment Committee will actively challenge the manager and seek to understand the reasons for such performance.

The Investment Committee plays an essential role in the way that our investment philosophy is implemented and maintained. Its role is to oversee the governance, research and investment of the Verbatim Investment Solutions. As part of this, they are committed to the following:

Monthly Reviews

A regular monthly review is undertaken by RSMR to assess the performance of the Investment Solutions. The criteria considered are:

  • The adherence to the asset allocation and volatility parameters of each risk profile and
  • The performance relative to a benchmark for each risk profile.

Quarterly Meeting

The Investment Committee meets quarterly, as a minimum, to track the progress of our Investment Solutions, independently evaluating the performance of each manager. Monthly reviews are considered and the important aspects of asset allocation, fund performance and governance are discussed for each fund or portfolio.

Strategic Asset Allocation

The Investment Committee ratifies the Strategic Asset Allocation and the annual adjustments proposed to each model.

Emergency Action

The Investment Committee can be convened at short notice to discuss any major market events or external factors that may impact the ability of our Investment Solutions to meet client expectations. Although such instances are extremely rare this ensures that any necessary action is not delayed until the regular quarterly meeting.