Strategic Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation Update

The Verbatim Investment Committee plays an essential role in the way that our investment philosophy is implemented and maintained. Its role is to oversee the governance, research and investment of the Verbatim solutions and, as such, our Investment Committee members meet regularly to assess the portfolios to ensure that they continue to meet their respective risk mandates. Our Strategic Asset Allocation sits at the heart of our investment process and our solutions. It is designed to spread your clients’ investment across a broad range of assets appropriate for their appetite for investment risk. Our asset allocation strategy is based on a proven model that is kept constantly under review by our Investment Committee and is updated when necessary.

The SimplyBiz Investment Services Investment Committee have recently updated their Strategic Asset Allocation model. The Verbatim Strategic Asset Allocation maps to the SimplyBiz Investment Services Strategic Asset Allocation. The Verbatim Investment Committee members met on the 04th April and ratified the update to the Verbatim Strategic Asset Allocation. This update is effective from the 04th April 2019 and our portfolios have begun their update according to their new respective asset allocations.

As the Verbatim portfolios are currently the only funds that absolutely adhere to both the volatility and strategic asset allocation parameters of the Centra Risk Profiles, our solutions will continue to maintain their Risk-Controlled rating within Centra, the SimplyBiz Group’s end-to-end investment advice system.

The Verbatim investment solutions are designed to consistently meet your and your clients’ expectations of risk and performance. Our solutions have an almost nine year performance track record which highlights that our funds not only deliver strong performance consistently, but also show growth over time and in-line with their respective fund mandates.

Over the course of the next three months, our fund managers will bring their portfolios into line with their respective new Strategic Asset Allocations. As such, you do not need to worry about rebalancing your Verbatim investments and can be assured your advice will continue to remain suitable to meet your clients’ expectations of risk and return.

Strategic Asset Allocation 1 - April 2019

Strategic Asset Allocation 2 - April 2019

Strategic Asset Allocation 3 - April 2019

Strategic Asset Allocation 4 - April 2019

Strategic Asset Allocation 5 - April 2019

Strategic Asset Allocation 6 - April 2019

Strategic Asset Allocation 7 - April 2019

Strategic Asset Allocation 8 - April 2019

Strategic Asset Allocation 9 - April 2019

Strategic Asset Allocation 10 - April 2019

Please note that any discrepancies in the above percentages are due to small rounding differences.

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